Tuesday, 30 December 2014


Recently I created a continent for my ancient gaming- Guyleria .
Named after the famous actor,wargamer and Society of Ancient member,not to mention his amazing elephant filled army of flats.
Moving the mythical camera into closer focus I found these maps/jottings  in my trusty moleskin notebook-

Before and after our trip out to St Andrew's today I finished the Vendhyans (apart from one mammoth) and converted a chariot. I hope to get a game in with them soon...


  1. Moleskin notebook, just the thing! Looking forward to more on this.

  2. I was excited by the idea of moleskin notebooks, until I discovered that they are just made of paper :)

  3. This looks very promising, and all the more authentic for coming from a moleskin notebook. The idea of a jungle full of elephants is quite compelling. Looking forward to hearing more about this.