Sunday, 11 January 2015


New chaps bought off ebay and arrived of late-

Garrison figures for a Greek/Roman imagi army for Guyleria. You can't beat the old figures can you?

Sunday, 4 January 2015


I had set the game up on our bed and had to take it down due to not having time to play it before we needed the bed to sleep in! However with some rooting around and basing etc I have ended the holidays with completed Vendhyans - see back of photo-
Not to mention some medievals-
which are in the foreground of both photos.
I start January therefore with the following  4 armies ready  for Guyleria-
Vendhyans replete with three war mammoths,chariot and rockets (note white smoke trail in top photo)
Keltoi with light cavalry,infantry and loads of slingers with the option of painting some chariots sometime when
Medievals with bowmen,crossbowmen.knights on foot, some dodgy levy and the ducal warchest (see front of first & second photo) to be guarded on the battlefield at all cost...
Roman type chaps - currently using my dbm based figures but hope to add some Garrison instead to the fray.
There are some Emesan/Edessan type city states troops to paint  and who know what else will take my fancy...
I think I am pretty well set up for some games ahead with the "Gathering of Hosts" rules.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Mammoth New Year

In Guyleria the Vendhyan army has taken the field to oppose some Keltoi raiders-
The Keltoi bang their shields and make their war cries...
The Vendhyan general tries to persuade the Keltoi Druids to tell their men to retreat...
but to no avail.The battle will begin as soon as the generals take their stations .
News and photos later,oh and Happy New Year to one and a all!