Saturday, 16 May 2015

New old school gaming

Got the new old school lead out and  used them in  a game using  these rules-
I am going to tweak the rules but for a first outing they worked really well.
The "Greek" army,or rather part of it,arrayed...
The "Eastern Army" of the Great King arrayed on the opposite of the table, with some books in the background reminding me I have too many already but continue to buy.
More later /tomorrow hopefully with tweaks like increased/decreased strength points for certain units.


  1. Have fun with the game. I see you have a copy of Wagner's Weapons and Warfare there on the shelf......great book. I've seen them sell for a very hefty price so keep it safe!!

  2. A guilty pleasure - peeping at other peoples bookshelves , I find it fascinating ! , Tony

  3. I recognise some of those figures! Nice to see the late Bob Plumb's toys in use - I have just been rebasing more of them.