Wednesday, 6 April 2016


First game using new Hexon,first outing for Sea people/Libyan Alliance v Egyptians-
The initial set up (rules used dbm ,having tried over the years to find other mutually acceptable substitutes) and biscuits.
The Libyans soon succumbed to the Egyptian chariots apart from these fellows in rough terrain and their general accompanied by his bodyguard.Their flank collapsed.
Meanwhile the sword armed Sea people came on and pushed the Egyptians back...
Eventually Pharaoh was harried off the table as his men failed to stem the Sea people tide. The Egyptians tried vainly to get heir right flank across to the left. A draw was agreed upon and the game ended with a handshake. It was fun,not quite as expected but a very close run thing.


  1. Looks like great fun. Just reading River God by Wilbur Smith so am developing an Egyptian itch myself. Lemmings look lovely.

  2. Good to see the lads in action.

    Rather oddly, while I will cheerfully play HofT or DBA inc Big Battle DBA I need to be coerced to play DBM.

  3. Old school figures fight just as well as the new.

  4. Apologies for coming late to this blog! Fascinating stuff as I am engaged in a similar project. To be honest, I'm not a fan of hex terrain but the figures look great. Well done on putting the collection together.