Sunday, 10 November 2013

Getting a look right...

In preparation for the forthcoming games/campaign I have ruled 60mm squares onto my wargaming mat. I have chosen this size as I already have dbm/dba based troops which are on a 60mm frontage.In this photo I have used two infantry or one cavalry to make a unit in one square. I quite like the look...
In this one I have only used one base per square to form a unit.Looks a little less pleasing than the previous picture.The jury is out as far as I am concerned...
I think I might try 60mm square or 60mm by 40mm for cavalry and infantry ( varying the number of figures on a base depending on if skirmishers or close order infantry) when I raise more troops. I will,however definitely not rebase the dbm/dba stuff- it would be  a waste of time and energy and allows me to use the figures against my regular opponent's ancient armies.
Finally some of my books which influenced me greatly in my teens-
Two stalwarts still on the bookshelves.The one on the left has been superseded by other editions but I kept this one for nostalgic reasons.The one on the right has some dodgy reconstructions of ancient warriors but is still useful.


  1. Ah ! the Blandford Ancient book with Romans in leather hot-pants !

  2. Indeed! Amongst other oddities I feel that these are some of the most splendid/awful depending on one's point of view. :)

  3. Old friends, I'll add Funcken and Barkers purple primer. I still like the Blandford some of the interpretations are back in fashion these days.

    Have you considered the single base but allow 2 heavy infantry to stack in an area to show units arrayed deep?