Thursday, 7 November 2013

Hello again

I haven't been here for ages but felt it was time to pop by and update things.
Firstly an inspiring set of photos from the early days of wargaming I found on the web today

In it, amongst other wargaming greats, is Deryck Guyler who I recall with affection from television in my youth. I also recall a magazine picture (1960s TV Times?) of him with his painted armies of Flats.I kept it for years but have it no longer.It show beautifully painted figures and it was the elephants which made the greatest impression on me...

The reason I am posting today is to say over the winter I indeed to play some solo games based around ancient imaginations. Oh no he's been reading Tony Bath again they say and they'd be correct! I have been reading this-
and looking looking at pictures such as-
The temptation is to start buying flats but the warchest and sanity/time suggest otherwise.So I am proceeding with the ancient armies I have finished,half finished or ferreted away unpainted.The emphasis is upon small fun and REGULAR games -probably played on a grid using Ross McF's "Gathering of Hosts" rules. Over time I will introduce the countries and their personalities and post battle reports.Do sign up to follow and not miss the fun...


  1. I wish you much joy with your project, sir. May you "see the elephant" with total safety and enjoy the experience!

    -- Jeff

  2. Thanks Jeff.The elephants,by the way ,are indeed on the shoppimg list... :)

  3. What a wonderful set of photos there.... is it just me or did people have more character back then. I met Neville Dickinson earlier this year at a show in Abingdon (at least I think it was him) .

  4. I agree with you re the characters very much.Did you engage Neville in conversation at all and were there any clues as to his identity at all?