Saturday, 22 November 2014

I felt like posting this...

In the rare moments of energy/time currently I had been thinking about getting wood for a gridded baseboard. However I found my 12 x 11 felt gridded cloth and was convinced of its storage and other advantages. Yesterday in John Lewis I bought some small squares of felt.When I got home I covered foam rubber in the aforementioned felt and made hills.I am delighted with the light-weight ,pleasing hills I have made.
I have been re-reading a page or two a night of   Joseph Morschauser III's  excellent 1962 book on wargaming of late.I have been looking particularly at his gridded games and his scenery. I am going to have a go at one of his   cross shaped built up areas/ village  and see what I can produce...


  1. You are probably already familiar with Ross Macfarlane's blog on Ancients (and I believe he uses a grid); but if not, here is the link:

    It is worth looking back through some of his previous posts (and enjoying his game photos).

    -- Jeff

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing the hills and the towns. I have thought about trying the idea but haven't got there yet.