Saturday, 15 November 2014

What to look for in autumn (in ancients)

Morning all! I'm back here. Anyway I couldn't sleep so I got up and painted some ancients (slingers,barbarians) whilst listening to Radio 4 and drinking coffee until the sun rose. So here is-
what to look for in autumn with regard to my ancient gaming etc. Firstly over the summer I tried Neil Thomas's rules out and had a few good solo games

 However all things considered I am moving forward with Ross's "Gathering of Hosts" in  a gridded ,square based game. They meet my solo needs and are fun whilst giving a realistic result. Secondly I want to make up some map ( Hyboria is always lurking around my mind somewhere) for the different armies I have/am working on.At the moment they are as follows- a Roman type empire, Celtic/Galatian barbarians, elephant equipped Indians and some desert/middle eastern city states.Personalities will be created and worked upon as we go along to add seasoning and flavour to the gaming.The barbarians are ready and the Romans too. I am working on the elephants now.The emphasis is fun,easy pick up and put away gaming with a semi historical feel- history through the lens of Ladybird books,Heros the Spartan,Rosemary Sutcliff and Hyboria for example. Nations will be vaguely from the same historical period/locale. I can't quite bring myself to field medieval knights against  chariots though absolutely no offence to those who can, it's just not where I am at present.I intend to post my ancient gaming here from now on.Hopefully the first game later today...
p.s if anyone has any unwanted "old school" ancients let me know,thanks...

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun, Alan. I have yet to try Gathering of Hosts, so your comments will be quite useful.